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Low Voltage Power Factor Correction: the new cataog is now available

The complete catalog for low voltage power factor correction equipment is now available.
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Energy Management Conference

COMAR Condensatori will present the Cloud Control System during the ENERGY MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, which will take place at the Michelangelo Hotel in Milan, next October 26th. This year’s theme features all those intelligent products interconnected with IoT technology that offer new advantages for energy saving!

Happy holidays from COMAR!

Power Factor Correction? Incentive plans!

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has clarified that the reactive energy management systems are attributable to the investments admitted to the Industry 4.0 plan.

Other European plans are already at work and could enjoy equal incentives:
– Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Germany);
– Alliance Industrie du Futur (France);
– Catapult Energy Systems (UK).

Thanks to the Cloud Control System, the future is already on hand at COMAR!

Hannover Messe, April 23-27, 2018


We cordially invite you to visit Comar Condensatori’s booth at Hannover Messe, April 23-27, 2018.

Our booth will be located in Hall 12 Stand D03

This year we’ll be presenting Cloud Control System an innovative IoT service for remote data monitoring installed on our Power Factor Control equipments.

In compliance with Industry 4.0 principles the system is able to process critical parameters achieving further cost reductions in operating power systems.

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Power factor regulator series HPR: Installation and User Manual

A new update of HPR controller user manual is available online.

Download here

MEE, Dubai, March 6-8, 2018







We cordially invite you to visit Comar Condensatori’s booth at MEE, Dubai, March 6-8, 2018

Our booth will be located at the Italian Pavillon

Booth-Stand H3.C19

This year we’ll be presenting Cloud Control System an innovative Internet of Things service for remote monitoring installed on our Power Factor Control equipments, able to process critical parameters achieving further cost reductions in operating power systems.

Come by our booth to see our wide range of products and equipments to better manage energy with savings.


Not coming to Dubai?

We hope you can join us at our booth at Hannover Messe 2018, 23 – 27 april.

Energy efficiency: Joule effect dissipation reduction

Thermal dissipation of active energy in power plant is linked to the current flowing.

Power factor optimization reduces significantly current flowing in distribution lines leading to an associated reduction of energy loss according to Joule’s law P ∝ I2 x R.

Read on to find out more.

Dielectric for PFC metallized polypropylene capacitors

Nitrogen as filling agent for capacitors has been recently proposed by some manufacturers, but is this technology the best choice?

COMAR Condensatori SpA is developing new resin fillers instead of nitrogen or other gas solutions for PFC applications because at the state of the art this technology beside cost reduction, doesn’t give any technical benefit.

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AAR series APFC: Certification for service temperature up to 52°C

COMAR Condensatori SpA has always been focused on market and customers needs constantly updating its products to fullfill the new requests. 

One of the latest achievements is the certification for a full range of Automatic PFC Equipment by one of the most accredited international laboratories: the DEKRA Certification B.V. Located in Arnhem (The Netherlands). 

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PFC of a drawn coil manufacturing company – a Case Study

In this specific case we’d like to show how we solved the compensation of a big manufacturing company producing copper and aluminium wires.

The electrical installation is composed of two transformers 1250kVA / each, steady connected in parallel and a power centre cabinet for the supply of all the loads. The main loads are protected by MCCB.

Loads are mainly big motors driven by frequency converters for old and new generation drawing machines and other machines needed to manufacture copper and aluminium cables.

The goal was to compensate the reactive energy of the whole installation with a single PFC equipment, in order to gain a cosφ greater than 0.95 at the level of the electrical counter in Medium Voltage side.

Read on to find out more.

Maintenance of power factor correction equipments

Maintenance of a PFC equipment is mandatory in order to keep the full efficiency and obtain the benefit it is designed for.

The shortage or even the lack of appropriate maintenance can lead to equipment faults, injures to people, animals or objects, for which the constructor can not be considered responsible.

Due to the flammable materials which capacitors are made of, Power Factor Correction equipments are be considered as fire hazardous devices in case of malfunctions or faults. Therefore it is fundamental to follow guidelines written in the standard CEI 78-17 and the constructor directives defined in the ‘installation and user manual’.

See Leaflet for further information.

HPR: the new power factor controllers

The new born HPR, available in 6 and 12 steps, will be installed on the automatic power factor correction banks starting from next July 2017.

The collaboration between our researchers and a primary specialized manufacturer led to the development and validation of these controllers, which benefit from simpler installation and set up, new features and advanced safety systems.

See specific Datasheet.

RFIX: the new power factor correction fixed banks of Comar

Fixed capacitors banks are normally used in application were steady reactive power is needed. Typical application are for constant loads machines and the no-load compensation of transformers.
RFIX distincts for the small dimension of the case, 170x400x250 mm only, and for the ease of wall mounting.
See specific Datasheet.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) in solar power plants

The large diffusion of photovoltaic plants to reduce costs on industry electric bill brings the problem of integrating the plant with the existing PFC devices (or to be designed).A couple of information must be evaluated to avoid future frustation on expected savings or worse to pay penalties.

PFC is useless in solar plants because the production is @cosφ=1 FALSE ! The production is @ cosφ=1 but if the loads are not compensated this will result in greater consumption of energy i.e. more withdrawal from the net (or less delivery in net-metering) The feeling that solar power is free is very far from reality, as you will know if you recently purchased, repaired or maintained a system. So why should we waste the energy produced?

A first peculiarity of the photovoltaic system is to generate only active power, decreasing its demand from the energy provider; The reactive power, however, remains unchanged because it is determined by loads connected to the plant, consequently decreasing the power factor and increasing the need for PFC So during design we have to take care of oversizing the reactive power required.

Read on to find out more.

Australasian Oil & Gas exhibition

aog 2017




Comar is reducing natural resources waste.

From July 2016 the primary packaging for our capacitors  will be polyethylene (PE) bags instead of classical cardboard.

No changes on product quality ! But we will avoid more than 10 ton per year of cardboard wastes


Electritec Casablanca 2015

 Electritec 2015

Electritec 2015 stand

High voltage

The wide range of Comar products is becoming bigger with the High Voltage equipment.

Made in Italy and high-tech solutions are the features of the new High Voltage. Different types and different power are available to satisfy every customer need.

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Hannover Messe Exbition Trading Fair

From the 7th to the 14th April 2014 we will be at the Hannover Messe HALL 12 Stand D35. We will wait for you to show all the new High Voltage products. Avantgarde and Made in Italy are the key factor of all the Comar products. All the equipment are customized for all the requirements.

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Open Day Comar

COMAR Condensatori SpA organizes an Oper day the 15th of May 2014 to meet its distributors in the headquarted in Crespellano (Bologna Italy). During the day there will be some teaching moment and demonstration in front of the most sold power factor equipment with a special attention for the new High Voltage equipment. There will be also a Question Time where you can ask everything about capacitors, equipment and harmonic distortion.

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