The capacitor is a fundamental yet critical component: in certain conditions, in fact, it can undergo so much stress that it rapidly decays. This is why COMAR Condensatori makes sure that each capacitor offers the best performance in terms of safety, reliability, and durability. In addition, the design choices – such as the exclusive use of oil and resin as dielectric – together with the Made in Italy marking, guarantee the best quality of the component.

Single-phase Capacitors

Single-phase capacitors have various fields of application: from power electronics to power factor correction of loads, lamps and motors. COMAR Condensatori pays close attention to choice of housing and filler material on the PFC capacitors, taking care of constructive differences, and uses only the single-phase technology in creating complete low voltage solutions. This choice derives from the following benefits:

– Reduction of losses

– Improvement of the expected life

– Easy maintenance

– Low maintenance cost

Three-phase Capacitors

Three-phase capacitors are widely used for the compensation of small loads, but they are also assembled to create complete power factor correction solutions. COMAR produces them both in the classic cylindrical format, widely used in switchboards, and in the prismatic housing made of a burst-proof steel sheet, which allows for better dissipation.

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