The EL electrolytic capacitor have high capacitance (μF value) able to provide an high starting torque to the motor. It is a non polarized capacitor especially designed for intermittent AC voltage applications for single-phase motors.

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Rated Voltage 250 Vac  (µF ≤ 315 μF) / 320 Vac (µF ≥ 315 μF)
Rated Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Capacitance Range from 25 μF to 550 μF
Capacitance Tolerance – 0% + 25% or -/+ 10%


Reference standards
CEI EN 60252-2; UL 810 (capacitor)
CEI EN 60695-11-10 (electrolyte)


Working temperature
-45 °C / +65 °C (operating)
-40 °C / +70 °C (storage)
Endurance test 500 h
Dissipation loss angle
Measurement frequency: 50 Hz, the typical value shall not exceed 0,10, calculated as follows: Tan d = W / (V x I) = (true watts / apparent watts)
Capacitance measurement
Capacitance shall be determined by measuring the current – after 2/3 sec. of energising – through the capacitor at rated voltage and frequency. The capacitance is defined as follows: C = (I x 10^6) / (2 π^2 x f x V)

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