Who is COMAR?

COMAR Condensatori S.p.A is a technological company that, thanks to its many years of experience, is able to offer support and solutions for its Customers. Installers, engineering companies, end users can find answers to their problems concerning both the power factor correction and the increasingly widespread complication of the harmonics in networks.

We provide efficient solutions that, in addition to compliance with quality and safety standards, can be appreciated by Customers in terms of supply flexibility, compliance with delivery times, ease of maintenance and resistance in the useful life of the products.

COMAR firmly believes that the increased demand for electricity in developed and emerging countries must be faced first of all by reducing energy waste.

COMAR - Save Your Energy
Sede Comar Condensatori

Quality, Safety and Sustainability

Certificazione di qualità

COMAR believes that creativity and intuition are the qualities that make the made in Italy appreciate in the world and that are indispensable in companies that want to innovate and develop customized products and solutions. But when it comes to design, procurement, production, testing, and punctuality in deliveries, room must be left for methods.

For these reasons, COMAR has worked to have an integrated management system for quality, safety and the environment, achieving the goal of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

Our products comply with the requirements of the main industry regulations: IMQ, VDE, UL for the condenser line; IEC, Dekra, Sveppi for automatic equipment

COMAR has always invested in improving safety within its production plant through the continuous renewal of equipment, maintenance and staff training.


Getting to produce and market our products with the least possible environmental impact is the goal we set ourselves in these years and that has led us to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

In this framework of development of the company’s sustainability we have strengthened the particulate abatement systems in the atmosphere, recycled materials are recycled and waste is reduced.

In line with the “vision” that we offer to our customers, we aim to continuously reduce energy consumption and eliminate waste of natural resources.