Why Cloud Control System?

Hotels, manufacturing companies, supermarkets, chain stores, retailers, restaurants franchises,… …What do they have in common? They all share the need to rationalize the consumption of electricity, in each of their facility. Likewise, electrical installers and maintenance technicians want to monitor the equipment under their supervision, so as to guarantee an excellent customer service.
Cloud Control System, integrated in our automatic power factor correction equipment, is designed precisely to meet a market demand, today more and more demanding in connectivity and security of electrical systems. That’s why we have developed in COMAR Condensatori this disruptive innovation, easy to use and with high added value.


What Cloud Control System does?

The CCS has many different features, monitoring in real time the data of our PFC equipment and the power network.


  • Alarm and pre-warning notification directly on your device. All alert thresholds are settable by the Customer
  • Continuous monitoring of the power supplied by the single steps with automatic disconnection of faulty ones
  • Continuous checking of suitability of the equipment to the electrical grid variability
  • Warning and notification for changes in the APFC configuration

Energy Efficiency

  • Real time checking and historical storage of variables affecting energy costs
  • Analysis of power factor correction yields referred to actual loads
  • Monitoring of total energy savings and related pollution reduction (lowering of CO2 emissions)


  • Remote control of capacitor bank Status
  • Maintenance scheduling and cost optimization
  • On demand actions in case of emergency
  • Analysis of stored data for preventive / predictive maintenance

How CCS work?

CCS uses an IoT VPN technology with a secure connection all over the world, that does not affect the Customer’s connectivity. In addition, all features are included in a single subscription: in fact, the service does not require additional costs for software licenses, updates, GSM traffic or customizations. CCS is the best tool to reduce running costs related to a low power factor, by tracking data such as:


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