B15 series equipment are particularly suitable for three-phase
networks with operating voltage equal to 400 Vac (+/- 10%) with
low harmonic distortion in current. These equipment guarantee
an accurate P.F.C., thanks to a multi-step design that effectively
divides the power. In addition, on the G6E and G8E cabinet, all the
capacitors banks are assembled on racks, easily removable from
the front of the panel, for simple management and maintenance.

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Rated voltage 415 Vac (others on request)
Rated frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Insulation voltage 690 Vac
Auxiliary voltage
400 Vac forG3E, G4E, G4RM¹
230 Vac for G4RM² , G6E, G8E
Overvoltage 1,1 Un (rated voltage)
Temperature range -5 / +40 °C
Impulse withstand
6 kV (G3E, G4E);
8 kV (G4RM, G6E, G8E)

¹up to 200 kvar. ²over 200 kvar. Auxiliary voltage is supplied by a proper transformer.

HARMONIC CONTENT (in the absence of resonance)

THD(I)max. = 15% on the network
THD(Ic)max. = 50% on the capacitors

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