The RPC capacitor racks have been specifically designed for installation inside panels made up of a modular structure suitable for housing 19-inch racks. This dimension is the market standard for hardware elements (eg UPS, servers, routers, …) to be inserted into cabinets for Data and Power Centers.

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Capacitance tolerance -5% / +10
Rated frequency 50Hz
Supply Three-phase + ground
Max. allowable voltage 1,1 Un (max. 8 /24 h)
Safety device Overpressure disconnector
Auxiliary circuits 230 Vac (110 Vac on request)

HARMONIC CONTENT (in absence of resonance)

RPC-B15: THD(I)max. = 15% in rete
RPC-B50: THD(I)max. = 35% in rete

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