Capacitor Banks when PV system is in place

Investing in a photovoltaic system is certainly a wise decision: it avoids the combustion of fossil fuels and helps to reduce the consumption of electricity. However, the introduction of this additional energy supply leads to a change in the electrical features of the system.

The main critical issues are:

  • decrease in the cosφ on the distributor side, due to the lower active power supplied (supplied by the photovoltaic), keeping the reactive power constant;
  • the addition of on-site exchange photovoltaics makes the existing power factor correction insufficient, in terms of capacitive reactive power on board;
  • by increasing the quantity of kvar installed, the ratio between the power factor correction and the apparent power of the MV / LV transformer changes and it is therefore necessary to re-check the risk of resonance;
  • on days with scattered clouds but clear skies, the PV system provides a very variable instantaneous power, with a high number of PFC equipment operations (= wear of the contactors) to ensure the correct cosφ.

Unfortunately, many companies do not take these factors into consideration and are unaware that the installation of a PV system worsens the power factor.

By choosing to rely on COMAR you will not only find a consultant able to recommend the best solution, but you will also purchase a durable product capable of managing the situation effectively, thanks to the appropriate regulator!

Download the Business Case, and find out how a COMAR power factor correction equipment is able to cope with system conditions when PV system is in place.