The new Power Factor Correction Calculator is now available!

A high reactive power leads to an increase in the problems of managing electrical systems; the main ones include the need to oversize transformers, cables and other elements in the power supply circuit as a result of increased heating and voltage drop. This causes an increase in installation costs as well as the presence of penalties on the bill. The solution is power factor correction: a method to improve the power factor in order to reduce, given the same active power (kW), the value of the current circulating on the network.

However, what is the necessary compensating power?

By compensating power we mean the reactive power (kvar) that must be added to an electrical system to reach a target power factor, given the initial Cos φ value and the active power of the system (kW).

In addition to the information already provided in our video Network Measures to Size the Capacitor Bank, a new tool for calculating the power factor correction of electrical loads is now available on our website! The CALCULATOR is designed to identify the compensating power of the capacitor bank. The calculation can take place in two ways: by entering the values shown on the electricity bill or, alternatively, simply with the initial and final Cos φ data.