New Services for Power Quality

COMAR strengthens its offer capacity through a series of new services dedicated to Power Quality!

Power quality is linked to the interaction between the electrical system and the loads, as the term refers to both the quality of the voltage and the quality of the current. In both cases, the phenomena that modify the ideal waveform, thus causing anomalies, are analyzed: we know that, in an alternating current system, the ideal waveform is made up of a single sinusoidal component of constant amplitude, phase and frequency, in which the latter is equal to the fundamental operating frequency of the system.

We speak of variation when Power Quality disturbances create a small deviation, while an event in the event of a large deviation from the ideal waveform. It is difficult to classify a PQ phenomenon, since, often, its characteristics depend on the effect that generated it and on its nature of variation or event in steady state. However, the difference between variation and event is significant, as the former is considered as “physiological”, as it is impossible to maintain the characteristic quantities of the voltage at nominal value, while the second it is defined as a “pathology of the network” as well as a “great danger to end-use devices” (European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas). In fact, voltage events can cause the interruption of the production process that requires electricity, even if the power supply is not interrupted. Here, to avoid and solve these problems, COMAR puts in place the best expertise, proposing specific measurement and energy audit campaigns:

Power Quality Measurements and Network Analysis

  • Harmonics of voltage and current
  • Compatibility curves
  • Unbalance of loads and voltage
  • Active, reactive and distorting power
  • Identification of anomalies, disturbance sources, definition of the relative solutions

Power Quality measurements with EN50160 test (recording duration of one week)

  • Frequency analysis
  • Variations in voltage
  • Severity of the flicker
  • Voltage imbalance
  • Voltage harmonics
  • Events of voltage, interruptions, dips and surges
  • EN50160 report

Instruments used, depending on the type of analysis: Class S or class A analyzer, according to IEC61000-4-30.

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