Industry 4.0 and Cloud Control System

Even during COVID-19, the power factor correction of COMAR Condensatori continues to grow. In addition to the appreciation of the brand, which increases its international recognition, there are some main factors that have favored it, such as:

– the presence of increasingly energy-intensive companies and industries, which encourages measures in favor of the rationalization of electricity and therefore environmental sustainability;

– the need to reduce energy costs, thanks to the elimination of penalties, avoid oversizing of electrical systems and increase the useful life of components (e.g. transformers, automatic switches…)

– the wide spread of digitization, through smart devices that allow remote control of the power grid, and the systems connected to it, which significantly improves energy saving.

Talking about the latter, COMAR is highly committed in digital energy, being the first company in the sector to develop an innovative solution for the energy monitoring of PFC equipment, without impacting on the Customer’s connectivity: the Cloud Control System.

Thus began our Industry 4.0 revolution and, since then, we have never stopped being connected to our Customers, thanks to a fast, effective and efficient platform, designed with the highest degree of specialization.

In the misfortune of the pandemic, we were able to appreciate the true value of this solution, which allowed us to continue – compatibly with the stop and go of each country – to carry out installation support and commissioning remotely.

For those who have not yet done so, today even more than yesterday, we recommend that you request information and sign up for a subscription, by choosing the desired package. Finally, we remind you that until June 30th the Advanced PRO package is free for the first year!

Write now to to find out more, or call our sales engineers at +39 051 733383, and make sure to check our introductory video about this disruptive solution!