Energy Efficiency is the Battle to Win

We are all at war, without distinction. Our planet is crying for protection and there is not much time left before it is too late.

We at COMAR believe in a future in which companies and individuals make the best use of their energy, avoiding unnecessary waste. A greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world that we will leave for our children.

Our duty, in this ambitious but necessary challenge, is to design and build the best Power Factor Correction equipment, which increases the efficiency of power supply, while reducing the energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is the basis of the sustainable future, and power factor correction plays a key role in pursuing this important goal.

Our army of capacitor banks is already deployed on every continent, to fight this non-stop the battle against energy waste, and continues to grow thanks to your support.

In addition, the innovative remote monitoring technology allows us to identify any anomalies in real time, notifying them via alarm. In this way, we ensure the maximum safety and efficacy of the systems and we are able to determine energy savings (also reporting the amount of CO2 not released into the atmosphere).

This is what makes our solutions unique, and able to guarantee peace of mind to our Customers, which decide to invest in a better future by choosing COMAR.


… protecting our planet is the only war worth fighting for!