CCS: Real Benefits in Times of COVID

When Cloud Control System was designed, no one could have ever foreseen the situation we are currently experiencing: the limitations of COVID-19 prevent from carrying out many businesses abroad, as well as many trips within the same country, due to the different regional restrictions. Nonetheless, the features of the CCS allow the service to show its full effectiveness, precisely in situations like this.

In fact, the CCS allows any professional to:

– monitor the state of the electrical panels, thus identifying those for which maintenance is actually required and avoiding unnecessary checks

– replace the capacitors at the end of their life before they stop working, guaranteeing the continuity of service and the reactive energy compensation.

– minimize the number of inspections and/or maintenance activities, thus saving these costs, and reducing the chances of contagion for the operators involved

In addition, COMAR is able to guarantee the best remote support during the pandemic, analyzing the data in real-time in our monitoring center, and recommending adjustments in the parameter settings. Here is why choosing the CCS service means taking advantage of enhanced technical assistance.

If you still weren’t convinced, we invite you to check our Remote Assistance Service for Power Factor Correction, which explains how we are able to intervene quickly.

Especially in this moment of international emergency, it is essential to choose PFC solutions equipped with CCS, and also to activate the service on equipment already installed:

  • If the capacitor bank is equipped with the CCS, simply activate it by subscribing to the service
  • If not, you can buy the hardware kit, which includes the HPR controller, the IOTCH monitoring device, and the Advance PRO subscription.

To check if your automatic power factor correction equipment is equipped with pre-installed hardware components, contact your trusted distributor, or call COMAR at +39 051 733383, indicating the serial number!