FAM05/07 is realized by appropriately tuning in frequency, a
battery of capacitors and a three-phase reactance. In this way a
resonant circuit is realized which is chosen as the preferred way
from the harmonic current which is to be reduced, and is equipped
with a microprocessor control system for inserting modules.
• consisting of standard racks of equal dimensions connected to
each other
• Easily increases the size of the filter
• prevents the insertion of filter groups L-C, having too high
reactive power, bring the power factor of the load to a capacitive
cosφ, with possible consequent problems of DC drives.

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Rated voltage 400 Vac (others on request)
Rated frequency 50 Hz z (60 Hz on request)
Insulation voltage 690 Vac
auxiliary voltage 230 Vac
Overvoltage 1,1 Un (tensione nominale)
Temperature range -5 / +40 °C
Impulse withstand 8 kV


5° and 7° grade Harmonic

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