GS, CS banks are purposely designed as fixed P.F.C. equipment, which represent the ideal solution to compensate for both constant loads and transformers. They can completly eliminate charges made by Electricity Authorities because of the low power factor. They can also considerably reduce the loading and thus the heating and voltage drop losses, this allows the ebst utilization of existing power lines. The CS-AAR model is manufactured in sheet steel and equipped with henadles for easy handling and mounting. The capacitors used are self-healing metallized polypropylene and equipped with a pressure sensitive disconnector. Their reliability is recognized by IMQ standards (MK-AS type). For application in the presence of high harmonic distortion, banks equipped with detuning reactors are available (AAR/100 type). These reactors are manufactured using low loss magnetic cores with high linearity. The tuning frequency is 189Hz



Dialectric: Metallized polypropylene (MKP)
Execution: oil (P.C.B. free)
Capacitance tolerance : – 5% / +10%
Supply : three-phase + earth
Rated frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max. allowable voltage: 1,10 Un (max 8h su 24h)
Temperature class category: – 25 / C
Max value of ambient temperature: +50°C
Average daily ambient temperature : +40°C
Average yearly ambient temperature: +30°C
Degree of protection (CEI EN 60529): IP30
Frame : in zinc plated steel
Reference standard capacitors : CEI EN 60831-1/2, IEC 831-1/2
Max permitted operating voltage (without harmonic distortion):
440 Vac B15, 500 Vac B35
550Vac B50 – 550 Vac AAR/100
Dielectric losses: ≤ 0,2 W / kvar
Total losses of the capacitors: ≤ 0,4 W / kvar
Max dissipation losses on inductor AAR/100:
180W for 25kvar banks -265W for 50kvar banks
Max harmonic distortion of voltage for AAR/100: THDV=3%
Discharge resistor: 75V residual within 3min-included
Unit mounting CS-AAR/100: Vertical only – on the floor: other models at partition wall
Ventilation: Natural
Supply entry: from the top or either side
Type of service : continuous – indoors
continuo per interno

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