Immagine catastale 1968

The company  was established in 1968 and the production was focused on “oil-paper” capacitors. The high-quality of the capacitors permitted the growth of the Comar brand in Italy and all over the World.

In 1972, following a deep R&D activity, Comar started the production of  the “innovative” metallized polypropylene film capacitors which is still nowadays the leading technology in our field. Monophase capacitors and automatic equipments for power factor correction became the core business.

In the following years electrolitic and power electronics capacitors were added in the products portfolio together with design and production of P.F.C. electronic regulators.

In the 80’s due to the spread of non-linear loads in the electrical nets, the first equipment for harmonic reduction were developed and manufactured; Comar still mantains an advanced technology in this sector.

Static P.F.C. equipment for special applications and High Voltage cells and components are among Comar innovative research of the new millenium